Men’s Golf Activities


Notification – All tournaments will be posted 4 weeks prior to start date.  Posting locations will be on the Pro shop window for a signup sheet.   Additional notices will be placed in the locker room, on the club web site, & on the Calendar near the 1st tee.  The committee is requested to approve the notices 3-4 days prior to posting.

Entry Fees - All fees are each golfer unless otherwise noted.

Tournament Ties - Ties are broken by score card comparison, starting at the #1 handicap hole, then #2, etc, until a winner can be determined.  Exceptions are the Club & Senior Club Championships which require a playoff for overall winner.

Points Club prizes - If no team hits the Points Club at a given event, the prize for the points club is awarded to the best score of the day.    All ties share equally.

Members Only – This category refers to all Golfing member groups.

2016 Men's Events
26th - Winter 2 Person
9th-10th Masters Tournament
22nd - Glow Ball
13th-14th - Spring Two Man
1st-4th - Men's Invite
18th - US Open
24th-25th - Senior Club Championship
29th - Cross Country
12th-14th - Club Championship
27th-28th - Ryder Cup
16th - Glow Ball
17th - 18th - Men's Two Man
Sept 30th - October 3rd - Twin Lakes Am
12th - Winter Tour #1
31st - Dan Miller's Tournament


TWIN LAKES 2016 Senior Exchange Season
We have scheduled the following Senior Events for the 2016 season so let’s get them on the schedule now.  Start times to be determined later. 
Fairwood Golf & Country Club
            May 18:  Fairwood at Twin Lakes
            May 25: Twin Lakes at Fairwood
Kitsap Golf & Country Club
            June 23:  Kitsap at Twin Lakes
            June 30:  Twin Lakes at Kitsap
Linden Golf & Country Club
            August 3:  Twin Lakes at Linden
            August 10:  Linden at Twin Lakes
Rainier Golf & Country Club
            August 24:  Rainier at Twin Lakes
            August 31:  Twin Lakes at Rainier
Alderbrook Golf & Country Club
            September 14:  Alderbrook at Twin Lakes
            September 21: Twin Lakes at Alderbrook


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