1.   Members shall not reprimand employees for any reason but are requested to report any complaints to the Clubhouse/General Manager or a member of the Board of Trustees.


2.   No person shall remove from the Club any property of the Club.  A member willfully marring or destroying same will be liable for the full value thereof.


3.   Rude, boisterous, or profane language and other ungentlemanly or unladylike conduct is prohibited in the Club or related facilities.


4.   Any member having been refused service or admission to the club or asked to leave the Club shall accept such action as being in the best interest of the Club.  He/she shall not take issue concerning the matter with any employee of the Club.


5.   Animals are not permitted in the building except service animals when accompanied by their masters or as part of a program.


6.   There shall be no soliciting in the Club facilities without prior approval by the Clubhouse / General Manager or Board of Trustees


7.   House rules are not to be enforced by members but members are requested to report any violations to the Clubhouse/General Manger or Board Member.


8.   Clubhouse employees are prohibited from drinking or dancing in the Club while on duty or in uniform.


9.   Only those members authorized specifically by the Clubhouse/ General Manger may be permitted behind the bar areas or in the kitchen area.


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