2022 Twin Lakes Ryder Cup

Sign up now for the 2022 Twin Lakes Ryder Cup. Open to All Twin Lakes Proprietary Members.

Open to the first 36 sign ups and you will be selected onto Kathy Wake, Steve Hussey or David Hobson’s Team.

Twin Lakes Golf & Country Club

Ryder Cup

October 22nd and 23rd

9am Tee Times

Format: 3 Teams of 12 Ryder Cup (Wake, Hobson, Hussey)

Points: Each 9 Hole Match will be worth 1 Point. Team with the most points wins the Cup. All 9 Hole Matches will be head to head match play. All based off of Net Score.


Front Nine Best Ball Match- Each Player will play their own ball, and the Best Score of the Two Person Team will Count as the team Score. The low NET score will win the hole.

Back Nine Chapman Match- Both Players will tee off. For the second shot, the player will play their teammates tee shot. After the second shots are hit, the team will select which ball to play, and play alternate shot from there until the hole is finished. The low NET score will win the hole.


Front Nine Alternate Shot Match- Alternate Tees. One player will tee off on the odd holes, and the other teammate on the even holes. The team will rotate hitting shots until the ball is holed. The low NET score will win the hole.

Back Nine Single Match- Each Player will be playing an individual match against another player from the other team. The low NET score will win the hole



Front Nine Best Ball Match—90% of Course Handicap

Back Nine Chapman Match– 60% of the A Player’s Playing Handicap + 40% of the B Player’s Playing Handicap.


Front Nine Alternate Shot Match—50% of Combined Course Handicap

Back Nine Single Match—100% of Course Handicap



Senior- Green



·        All USGA and local rules are in effect.

·        Preferred Lies: Players may mark, lift, clean and place their ball, no closer to the hole; within one club length in the closely mown areas (fairway and fringe), 6” in the rough and 2nd cut. Additionally, when a players ball lies in a bunker they may lift, clean, rake and replace their ball. The ball must be replaced in the same spot it was before lifting and raking the bunker.

·        Pace of Play: Under 4 Hours. Please Keep Pace with group in front of you.

Prizes: Honor and Pride and a Trophy