Board of Trustees – CDC Guidelines Update

As you have heard, the CDC and Governor Inslee stated a person who is fully vaccinated can remove their mask indoors. A fully vaccinated person has had the required shot, one with J&J and two with Pfizer or Moderna, and at least two weeks after your shot. There is no mechanism to validate if a person has their required shots and time commitment satisfied. Repeatedly asking if someone is vaccinated or not is intrusive and could be misconstrued as being confrontational.

These are early days of this new guidance from our scientists, with that in mind Twin Lakes Golf & Country Club will continue with requiring individuals to wear their masks unless they are seated. Twin Lakes goal is to keep everybody safe and to keep our Vision & Mission statement in mind when making policies and decisions for Twin Lakes.

We completely understand the urgency to move forward and get back to a more normal club lifestyle. We are asking for a little patience and understanding as we process the new guidelines and making sure that the club keeps moving forward in a safe and secure manner.

Thank you for your understanding.