2023 Spring 2-Man Event


May 06 - 07 2023


9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

$75 Per player

Open to all Men’s club members with established handicaps.

Breakfast provided before Saturday round/box lunch provided between Sunday’s Rd1 & Rd2

Max 10-stroke handicap differential between players – no mixed teams


9am Shotgun- Four-Ball (Two Person Best Ball) – 18 Holes

Each player tees off, plays, and holes out with his own ball.

The best score between both players will be the team score on each hole.

Players receive their full handicap allotment for the 18 hole round


9am Shotgun-Sun R1 – Scramble – 18 Holes

Both players will tee off on each hole.  Choose the ball in the best position, and each player will hit a shot from within one club length (one putter head on the green) of that position no nearer the hole.  The ball must be placed in the same condition as the chosen ball came to rest (i.e., rough, fairway, fringe, sand bunker, and hazard.)  Continue in this order until the ball is holed.  Once a ball has been holed, the score with that ball will be the team score.  A minimum of THREE drives must be used by each player.


2pm Shotgun-Sun Rd 2 – Modified Chapman – 9 Holes (front 9)

Each player will hit a tee shot.  Each player then hits his second shot with his partner’s tee shot.  After the second shot, the team will choose one of the two balls and continue the hole alternating shots until the ball is holed. You may not substitute a ball in play unless you are entitled to do so under the rules of golf.  (Penalty shots do not affect the order of play)