Winter Two Person


Feb 26 2022


8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Winter 2-Person Golf Tournament
Winter 2 Person
February 26th
$60 Per Player
8:30am Shotgun – 18 holes
Lunch Included (between shotguns)
1:30pm Shotgun – 9 holes
27 Holes (3 separate formats)
9 Holes Scramble-9 Holes Chapman-9 Holes Alt Shot
This event is open to both male and female proprietary members. Grab a partner and sign your team up in the pro shop.
Don’t wait. Entries close on Thursday 8/24 at 3pm.
SIGN UP THRU EMAIL – Click on the email below
Overview of Event
Format(s):  The competition will consist of 27 holes of golf split into three different formats for each 9 holes. Each event has its own prize payout. Overall winners will be decided by combining all three scores from each event. We will be paying out prize money for both gross and net field scores.
First 9 Scramble:  This format will be played on the front 9 of the golf course. Each player tees off and you then select the best tee shot and both play your second shot from the selected drive. You continue this process until the ball is holed.
Second 9 Chapman:  The Chapman format will be played on the back 9 of the golf course. In a Chapman, after both players tee off, they switch and hit their partners golf ball. After both players hit their second shots you then need to decide which of the two golf balls you wish to play the rest of the way by alternating shots until the ball is holed.
Final 9 Alternate Shot: We move back to the front 9 after lunch for the final 9 holes. This format is exactly like it sounds. One player tees off on the even numbered holes and the other player tees off on the odd numbered holes. Only one ball in play.
Handicaps: The handicaps for each event is calculated by using the USGA recommended calculations for these team events.
Tees: We will be playing from the White tee markers for the men for this competition. The Ladies will be playing from the Gold tee markers.