Sandblaster July 2024

From our Club President

Bryce Landrud

President, Twin Lakes Board of Trustees

Welcome to July!  I hope you all had a fun and safe Independence Day and, like Janis and I, were able to share it with your family and friends.  We’re all aware of the magnitude of the events that brought our country independence, and the gradual accumulation of all of the freedoms that we have today.  On a much smaller and way less important level, it’s just nice to have a Thursday off!


If you haven’t been stuck on the International Space Station, you’ve probably noticed that things are happening fast over at the pool.  The fence folks will be in early in the week, the rest of the concrete should be as well, so we are nearing a much-anticipated opening day quickly.  The pumps are being delivered ‘in person’ by the contractor, and should be here any day now.


The golf competition season is rolling along quickly as well, with successful events including the Men’s Invite, the Battle of the Sexes (we’ll get ‘em next year…), and the Northwest Women’s Open.  Up this month is the start of Junior Golf, the Member/Member, and Women’s Guest Play Day on the 26th.  One of the things I enjoy most is the availability to play in something competitive whenever I want to.  Thanks to the Golf and Tournament volunteers, and especially Kathy & Ben for all of their work to keep us busy having fun.


One of the perks of being your president is the opportunity to not only meet new members every week, and have a conversation about their story, but it’s the open feedback and conversations I have with you.  And whether those happen to be complaints, suggestions, questions or compliments, I welcome them all and appreciate you ‘not holding back’ about what you are passionate about.  Most of those discussions happen on the putting green or the bar, however, and I am NOT taking notes.  For me, mental notes aren’t really notes and they have a short shelf life.  So, if you’re looking for some action on my part, or something to take to the Board, please put it in writing and email or text me.  The last thing I want is to have anyone think they’re just getting lip service or that your opinion doesn’t really matter.


Thank you!

Bryce Landrud


2024 Board Members

Bryce Landrud


trace harrell


Issac Henry-Cano


Erika Sheffield-Stull

Vice President

Dan Smith


Tim Scheuffele


Kevin Isherwood


Rich Price


Jeff Eberle


Welcome New Members!


Jr. Family Proprietary:

Rhys Cooper


Jr. Individual Proprietary:

Zach Jacobs

Individual Proprietary:

Jimmy Fenning
Regan Miyamura



From our General Manager



Greetings and happy July! I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th holiday! 


I would first like to say how exciting it is to see so many new members and their participation in member functions. Twin Lakes is by far one of the most welcoming clubs that I have ever been a part of, and that becomes more apparent every time I see new members welcomed by all of you. I encourage you to continue sharing your love of the club with friends and colleagues and invite them to join our Twin Lakes family as new members.  Please contact me or Janel Metcalf if you need any new member packets to hand out to prospective new members.      


As the weather gets hotter, I am pleased to say that the pool opening is getting closer! The concrete deck is just about finished, which allows the installation of the fence to begin on July 8th. The tile for the lane lines and water line should be finished in the next few work days, and the plaster can then be applied on or before July 16th. We will continue sending out frequent updates and we look forward to having people in the pool very soon!


So many members contribute their time graciously, but I wanted to highlight the wonderful work of Kim Crahan.  Kim generously donated her time and talent to showcasing the 2023 House Committee Photo Contest images throughout the clubhouse.   Please thank Kim when you see her!

pool committee

Current Schedule as of July 5. New Opening Date TBD.


Updates are in Bold


  • Shotcrete: Complete
  • Electrical Inspection: Complete
  • Tile: Waterline (orange tiles) Complete and lane lines (black tiles) In Process:
  • Coping Tile – bullnose top tile: corners to be set –Complete
  • Deck – Pour Cement: Week of July 1, Perimeter Poured/Ready for fencing
  • Plaster Pool: Week of July 8, after Waterline Tiles
  • Fill Pool: Immediately after Plaster. Cures underwater
  • Fencing: Three days after cement is poured.  July 8 – July 12
  • Inspection: Upon Availability. Our County Inspector requires all items to be completed, including the fencing and filling of the pool.


If you have additional questions that we have not addressed here, please contact Tom Coburn, General Manager, at or Trace Harrell, Board Member, at


Thank you


We want to celebrate you each month in the Sandblaster! Email your name and birth month, or your Anniversary month to Janel!

July Birthdays  &


  • René Ewing

  • Erika Sheffield-Stull
  • Cristine Orr
  • Lisa Dillon
  • Grant Colgan



  • James Jelasic & Jon Lackey

golf pro

From our Head Golf Professional



Happy July Everyone!

We are halfway through 2024 and it looks like we can finally continue with our sunshine and warmth for our awhile. Make sure that you stay hydrated for the next couple of weeks.  We all know about water but don’t forget your electrolytes as well.

Our PGA Jr League started with clinics at the end of May.  The month of June was filled with team matches at Glen Acres, North Shore, and Auburn GC.  The team has done very well playing through the hottest days of the month.  They are troopers, as well as their parents, having a great time getting to know each other and working together in the scramble formats.  July finishes up our program with Twin Lakes hosting a match on the 21st.  The front 9 will be closed starting at 3:00pm as the juniors will be teeing off #1.  Congratulations to Addie Scheuffele for her hole in one at Chambers Bay #13 last Friday. 

We will be starting junior camps on Monday, July 8.  These junior camps will start at 8am with three hours of instruction followed by play on the front 9 (the older group will play the back 9 at 10am).  The golf course will be open to the membership starting at 1pm on the back 9.  Our hope is that the front 9 will be open at 3pm when you make the turn.  We want to thank you in advance for your patience as we work around this schedule.  There may be a possibility that the first few member groups (if they start before 1pm) may have to play the back 9 twice but we won’t know until that day.


We have been asked to host the US Senior Women’s Open qualifier this year and it will take place this next Tuesday, July 9th We are excited to be recognized to host these types of events.  Last year, if you recall, we hosted the PNGA Mid and Senior Amateur.  We will be using the #10 tee start all day Tuesday to accommodate this event.

By the time you receive this newsletter, we would have already had our 4th of July Couples alternate scramble.  Congratulations to our Low Net Winners:  Marv Osterhout/Jill McBroom/Jenn Dzubay/ Ramon Dzubay/ Kenny Haskins/ Julie Haskins with their net score of 64.  Our Low Gross Winners with a 68 were Bryce Landrud, Sharon Lorenzo, Russ & Diane Meyers, and Jeff & Suzy Eberle.


Our next couple’s event is Thursday, July 11th at 5:30pm.  Sign up as a couple (man/woman) and the computer will pair the 4-somes up.  This will be a true mixer.  Think of this as a meet & greet mixer where you can play and get to know members that you have seen around the club but haven’t had the chance to play with. $10 entry per couple.

Right after that, we have the Member Member Event on the 13th & 14th.  This event is open to both men and women.  You can make up men teams, women teams, or mixed teams.  There is a handicap difference of 12 strokes.  If the stroke difference is over the allotment, the higher handicap player will be adjusted.  Senior men (65+) can play from the green tees, all other men will play the white and women will play the gold.  The team entry is $200 ($100 per player) which includes golf, competition purse, and awards banquet/presentation. $40 team cash honey pot entry covers both days. The sign-up sheet is in the golf shop, or you can call the golf shop directly with your pairing.  GGID for direct registration is tlmember24

The 2024 President’s Cup event started last month.   The pods are ½ way completed.  A reminder to all players that you all players have until the end of the month to complete their pod matches.  We ask that you keep on track to get these done on time as we move into our Knockout Round format with the winners of each pod.


We are hosting Alderbrook Men’s Senior Group on the 11.  24 players will tee it up between 9-10am and have lunch afterwards.  We have 24 players this year in the senior quad exchange team so I am hoping that 12 of you can make it on Thursday. 

From what I have listed above, you can see that we have a lot of golf events in July.  To help with this communication and the notification of golf course availability and closure, we have provided the list of golf events as well as course availability/closure below so you can plan accordingly.  Please don’t hesitate to call the golf shop with any questions that you may have.  We will be doing our best to get the course open for play as soon as possible to the rest of the membership during these days. 


Lastly, regarding the use of golf carts, please note that with the heat and amount of play on the fantastic sunny days, those members using the driving range only, please be aware that there may not be a cart available to use to go to the driving range.  For members with tee times, carts will be issued according to your tee time and given out 20 minutes prior to your tee time.  In addition, carts are to be returned to the golf shop by 8pm.


We have a new addition to the golf operations staff for the summer.  Please help us welcome Isabel Ancich to the Twin Lakes family the next time you are on the property.  Most of you already know Aaron, Gabriel, Mikey, Taryn, Bruce, John, Aiden, Kellen and Kaleb.  Many will be new faces for you around the golf shop since school has let out, but many may not know their names. 


Golf Course Availability/Closure on the following days/times:

Sat/Sun July 13 & 14 The Member Member weekend event.  12:00pm Shotguns.  Sign-up sheet is on the golf shop window as well as you can call the golf shop and let us know that you would like to participate.  Horse Race on Front 9 on Saturday.

Monday July 8, 15, 22, 29 – Golf Course open at 1pm for tee times off #10 (Junior Camp on front 9 til 3pm)

Thursday, July 13th – Couples Shotgun on the front 9.  This will be a true mixer as we will mix all the players up in foursomes for this evening.

Thursday, July 18th course closed all day – (outside event)

Sunday, July 21st course closed 3:00pm – (hosting PGA junior league – tee times off #1) – after 3pm, members may play the back 9.

Thursday, July 25th course closed all day – (Outside Event)

Friday, July 26th course closed 3pm – (Women’s Guest Day)

Saturday, July 27 Course closed for Dan & Marv’s Pre-Celebration Memorial tournament.  If you have played in the past, you know how FUN & EXCITING this event is for Dan and Marv.  If you haven’t gathered up your group, time to start working on it.  The sign-up sheet is in the golf shop.



Below is our normal closure schedule – please call in the late afternoon to verify that the range will be open so that you are not disappointed if it is closed a little earlier or delayed later.

Monday – Closes 4-6pm (last bucket handed out is 3:15)

Wednesday – Closes at 5pm for weekly clean pick (last bucket handed out is 4:15)

Friday – Closes 4-5:15pm for a quick pick (last bucket handed out is 3:15)

Sunday – Closes 4-5:15pm for a quick pick (last bucket handed out is 3:15)




  • No Denim may be worn on the golf course, driving range and practice facilities.
  • Shirts must have both a collar (Mock Collars are allowed) and sleeves.
  • No bare midriff tops, tee shirts, gym wear (sweats, etc.), spandex, or swimsuits allowed.
  • The only types of shorts allowed are golf or tennis shorts with a minimum 6” inseam.
  • Clothing shall not have any off-color slogans.
  • Hats, if worn, must have bill facing forward

Exceptions to these rules will apply only for special functions when advertised as such.

It is the member’s responsibility to inform his/her guests of the dress code requirements. The

staff have been directed to inform any member or guest when their attire is not appropriate. Golf Course, Driving Range, Practice Facility privileges may be denied to any member or guest not in compliance with the dress code

The schedule for Proprietary Member guest fees is set by the Board of Trustees and maintained on the Board of Trustee approved rate sheet posted in the Pro Shop. The same guest is permitted to use the golf course as a sponsored guest no more than six (6) times per year. 
Golf Course Access Rules:
Unaccompanied guests, Associate and Social Members and their guests
Monday thru Friday – anytime
Saturday & Sunday – after 10:00 a.m. 
Holidays after 11:00 a.m.
Our July Friends of the Golf Course award, the “Sandy” goes to Ilima Brainard.  Her dedication and time go unnoticed as she spends extra time helping the Women’s 9 Hole Division understand the rules of golf and “care of the course” in her weekly emails to the membership.  Thank you, Ilima, also for your past years of dedication to our junior golf program and teaching them the proper golf etiquette along with the constant reminders of fixing their divots and ball marks. 

Greens Committee

Greetings fellow Twin Lakes Members,

John Leslie and his team continue to do a tremendous job with the golf course. The greens remain fast and smooth and the golf course continues to receive positive feedback from members and guests. We are aiming to maintain an 11 speed on the greens, where they are
still quick but do not lose as many pin placements as when the speed was 12 and higher.

John is continuing to work on rehabbing the green side bunkers. Bunkers on holes 4 and 5 were recently completed and hole 6 is in the works. He will continue to make his way through the remaining holes on the course.

Other committee projects in progress:
-Rotted railroad ties removal and/or replacement plan throughout the course
-Cart path repair/replacement plan throughout the course
-Hole #2 tee box steps replacement plan

If you have any other ideas or items you would like the Greens Committee to address, you are always welcome to reach out to us.

As always, please remember actions that you can take to assist our grounds crew: fix pitch marks and use sand to fill divots. Do not drive golf carts over any repaired areas of the course and make sure to get back to the cart path 30 yards before the green. Do not drive around the back side of any greens and you should never drive off the path on any par 3’s. These small actions add up in a big way. Thank you for doing your part to assist in keeping our golf course in the best possible shape.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please email me at and I
will review with the committee.
Tyler Pac
Committee Chair

Golf Rule of the MONTH

Can’t Find Ball You Think is Embedded

Q.  I think my ball is stuck in the ground, but I can’t find it – how do I proceed?

A.  If you can’t find your ball within three minutes, it is lost. Because it is lost, you must return to the spot of your previous stroke and play another ball for one penalty stroke (see Rule 18.2b).


This month we are going to cover a lost ball and what to do if you can’t find your ball.  If you hit your ball out of bounds or lose it (you have three minutes to search for your ball before it becomes lost), your only option is to go back to the spot of your previous stroke to play under stroke and distance.


Many of you know this rule, especially if you have been playing for a long time and competitive golf at that.  For the new players to the game, it is important to know that if you think that your ball might be out bounds or that you might not find it, the best option is to play a provisional ball to save time going back to your original spot to play again.


Those watching and playing in our Horse Race events have heard players from time to time say, “Hitting a Provisional”.  If wondering why, this announcement is required before playing this option. If you are then unable to find your original ball, or you find it out of bounds, your provisional ball is your ball in play under stroke and distance.  This way you don’t have to take the time to walk all the way back to the spot of your previous stroke and keep the pace of play moving along.


We are using this monthly sandblaster to help you familiarize yourself with the rules of golf.  The basics that everyone playing should know is the official way to drop a ball, to take relief from an unplayable lie, what to do if your ball is out of bounds and/or deemed lost, and what to do if you hit your ball into a hazard. 


You can find all your answers to the Rules of Golf online at the and you can also download the Rules of Golf App on your phones free of charge to help you understand the game a little bit more. 


Penalties occur with every sport. And every sport has a rule book to go by.  These rules are to protect the integrity of the game as well as the other participants when it comes to competition. No one likes to incur a penalty or call a penalty on themselves, but it happens.  By becoming familiar with the rules of the game and your options, you can get help with your situation more times than you will be penalized.

Women’s Division

July is here already. Looking forward to Ladies Guest Day on July 28th.  There is still time to sign up for Guest Day.  Any questions check with Sue Hebert.

June 4th the competition for the 9 Hole Ladies was Low Net. 

  • In the 1st Flight Erika S was 1st. 
  • Kim C, Dominique M, and Myrna R. tied for 2nd.

June 11th the competition for the 18 Hole Ladies was Alternate Country. 

  • In the 1st Flight Megan DeFaccio was 1st, Sung Chang was 2nd and Hisayo Masada was 3rd. 
  • In the 2nd Flight Jen Glasgow was 1st, Sherry Butz was 2nd, and Chong Sena and Kim Crahan tied for 3rd.
  • In the 3rd Flight Kathy Ouellet was 1st, and Sue Hebert, Terri Stewart. And Sue Steens tied for 2nd.

June 11th the competition for the 9 Hole Ladies was Yellow Green White. 

  • In the 1st Flight Erika S was 1st, Karey W was 2nd, and Kelley B and Kathy D tied for 3rd. 
  • In the 2nd Flight Diana R was 1st and Dominique M and Lauren S tied for 2nd.

June 18th the competition for the 9 Hole Ladies was Net plus Putts. 

  • In the 1st Flight Erika S was 1st, Kim C was 2nd and Kathy D was 3rd. 
  • In the 2nd Flight Anne G was 1st, and Linda E and Karey W tied for 2nd.
President's Cup 1st Flight Winners:Kim, Megan, InSook
President Cup 2nd Flight Winners:Gayla 2nd, Sherry 1st, Sonya 3rd
Presidents Cup 3rd Flight Winners: Sally, Janet, Sue H
Captain's Cup Winner Hisayo Masada
Battle of the Sexes - Women Win!!
City Championship at Meridian Valley
Check out the 9 hole turnout on 6/25!!
Team at Glen Acres
Team at Plateau
Round 1 of president's cup, Sue Hebert's tee shot off number 3 got stuck in the tree! If you can identify it, the proper ruling is to take an unplayable lie and use the base of the tree as your nearest point of relief.
Kathy Delacruz got a Hole in One on number 11 on July 2nd


We are just 10 days away from our annual Food Truck Extravaganza – open to all!  This will be held Monday, July 15th between the Pro Shop and Clubhouse.  Invite your family and friends for this evening of food and fun.


The End of Summer Bash will be August 16th and feature live music from Soul Funktion.  We’ll have raffle prizes and a KP contest. 

Save these dates and watch for more details in your email.



House Committee

Meeting:  Second Thursday - 5:30pm

  • Terri LaRock-Stewart (Chair)
  • Jill McBroom
  • Sue Stevens
  • Coralee Owsley
  • Kim Crahan
  • Lori DeVore
  • Ann Marie Uhlman
  • Kathy Reed
  • Diana Rawlings
  • Bill Borjeson
  • Issac Cano (Board Liaison)

Golf Committee

Meeting:  When Needed

  • Frankie Stephens (Chair)
  • Jennifer Dzubay (Women’s Division Captain)
  • Jeff Eberle (Men’s and Senior’s Golf)
  • Leila Carlson (Jr. Golf)
  • Ilima Brainard (Women’s Nine Hole Golf)
  • Ramon Dzubay (Couple’s Golf)
  • Rich Price (Men’s Handicap)
  • Denise Harrell (Women’s Handicap)
  • Rich Price (Board Liaison)
  • Kathy Wake (Staff)

Finance Committee

Meeting: Third Wednesday - 5:30pm

  • Randy Russell (Chair)
  • Erika Sheffield-Stull
  • Robert Simmons
  • Tim Scheuffele
  • Christina Witmer
  • Dan Smith (Board Liaison)
  • Alexis Parrish (Staff)

Long Range Committee

Meeting:  Every Other Month

  • Paul Ishii (Chair)
  • Tom Brainard
  • Suzy Eberle
  • Clint Smith
  • Terri LaRock-Stewart
  • Erika Sheffield-Stull
  • Kevin Isherwood (Board Liaison)
  • Tom Coburn (Staff)

Membership/Marketing Committee

Meeting: Third Thursday

  • Suzy Eberle (Chair)
  • Sherry Butz
  • Brandon McCann
  • Andrew Johnson
  • Jeff Wall
  • Beccy Scheuffele
  • Kevin O'Conner
  • Tim Scheuffele (Board Liaison)
  • Janel Metcalf (Staff)

Social Committee

Meeting: Second Wednesday - 6:00 pm

  • Alyssa Rieker (Chair)
  • Jennifer Tarica
  • Suzy Eberle
  • Debbie Garrido
  • Michelle McCann
  • Krisie Santacruz
  • Marlies Scott-Wenzel
  • Erika Sheffield-Stull (Board Liaison)

Greens Committee

Meeting: Third Tuesday—6:00 pm

  • Tyler Pac (Chair)
  • Bryce Landrud
  • Marv Osterhout
  • Karey Wolber
  • Matt Howland
  • Sara Isherwood
  • Stephen Sealey
  • Jeff Eberle (Board Liaison)
  • John Leslie (Staff)
  • Kathy Wake (Staff)
  • Tom Coburn (Staff)

Pool Committee

Meeting: Wednesday - 6:00 pm

  • Michael Gintz (Chair)
  • Andrew Johnson
  • Trace Harrell  (Board Liaison)

Twin Lakes Vision Statement 

To help promote the game of golf by offering a challenging and beautiful course and other complementary facilities that are affordable, inclusive, and inviting. Provide a thriving comprehensive recreational and social venue offering its members, guests, and community partners exceptional experiences to play, relax and socialize in a tranquil and peaceful environment.