Sandblaster June 2024

From our Club President

Bryce Landrud

President, Twin Lakes Board of Trustees


I am barely getting used to my new nickname ‘El Presidente’, and we’re already 6 months into this new year!  I don’t mind the nickname, and though many of you mention that you ‘don’t want to bring up club business while we’re golfing’, I really don’t mind, and fully expect you to share your ideas, opinions and questions with me.  I hope that YOU do not mind that I don’t always have the answer, but that I can at least steer you in the right direction to get those questions or concerns resolved.


If one of those questions happens to be ‘I want to help out, but I’m not sure if I have the time to commit,’ please realize that I’m writing this from a hotel room in Yakima, basking in my ‘middle of the pack’ position in the WAGolf Super senior tournament.  You have ‘enough’ time to be a valuable asset to our Club community.  I may be at the ‘helm’ of this great club at the moment, but I am not necessarily watching the compass, pulling the oars, or even checking the water’s depth.  We have dedicated members and employees who work and volunteer innumerable hours making sure everything that needs to be done around our club is.


Golf season is upon us! The course is in great shape, the pool is getting ever closer to completion, we have water until the new pumps arrive, the tournament schedule is full, and sooner or later the weather will cooperate.


Play hard, have fun, contribute, and if you are new, WELCOME!!




President, Board of Trustees

2024 Board Members

Bryce Landrud


trace harrell


Issac Henry-Cano


Erika Sheffield-Stull

Vice President

Dan Smith


Tim Scheuffele


Kevin Isherwood


Rich Price


Jeff Eberle


Welcome New Members!


Jr. Family Proprietary:

Tyler and Kaitlyn Roth
Alissa Stone & Jim Borelli 


Jr. Individual Proprietary:

Kama Frank
Dominic Cindrich


Individual Proprietary:

Steve Harris



Reuben & Waka Morales
Corey & Amy Dill
Robert & Michelle McIntire



From our General Manager



Hello everyone and happy June! 


The pool is visibly taking shape as the first layer of concrete is being poured. The work you can’t see is in the building where the filtration system has been installed.  Thank you for being so patient over these last few weeks. We are all very anxious to get the project finished and have the kids swimming.  At this time, we have June 25th as the projected pool completion.  Our contractor is doing everything he can to meet or beat that date. He is as anxious as we are to finish the project. Additionally, we will be starting on the roof replacement for the pool building next Monday, June 10th. This should not impact play or cart traffic, but please be cautious as you drive or walk through that area. 


We had a wonderful time hosting all your guests during the Women’s Invitational.  We followed that up by hosting the Grandma’s Tournament over the last two days.  It is a lot of hours but, as staff, we really enjoy these unique annual events. Our goal is to make you proud of your club.  We sincerely hope we achieved that goal.  I want to thank all the member volunteers who came out throughout the last two weeks to help make each event a success. 


Thank you again for your support and patience as we all work together to complete monumental improvements to this already wonderful club. 

pool committee

The timeline is moving to the right. The expectation is to have the pool open and ready by 25 June. That is an important date for the Club and the Swim Team.


Currently shockcrete is scheduled for tomorrow. Then it should take another 10 days to get the deck and the fence operational. We will see if Mother Nature has a different plan for us tomorrow.


If you require additional details, Trace Harrell can be reached at

Thank you

Thank you to everyone that participated in our May 10th Pool Party Fundraiser!  Over 80 people attended the event and bid on 54 auction items donated by TLG&CC members and Swim Team families. 
With support from TLG&CC, Swim Team members and friends of Twin Lakes we raised $14,000 in additional funds for improvements to the Pool Building that were not included in the assessment. All proceeds will go to the club to be used for pool renovations.


We want to celebrate you each month in the Sandblaster! Email your name and birth month, or your Anniversary month to Janel!

June Birthdays  &


  • Gloria Lyon
  • Scott Glasgow
  • Teri Jones
  • Brady Winder
  • Glen Leimbacher


  • René and Ric Ewing

  • Erika and Jaason Stull
  • Chris and Cristine Orr
  • Tom and Joanne Urquhart
  • Jason and Leila Carlson

golf pro

From our Head Golf Professional



What a change in the golf weather we are having lately. I believe you would all agree that it is about time that the rain stopped, and we get our Seattle summer started. We ended May with our Women’s Invitational and our Memorial Day Couple’s event. We rolled into hosting the ladies’ Grandmother’s tournament which finished up on Tuesday.  Congratulations to our Twin Lakes Team          for bringing home this year’s trophy.   Now we are working on our Men’s Invitational for the next few days. After the Men’s Invitational, we will go back to our normal routine with our Tuesday Women’s 18- & 9-hole competitions, our Wednesday Night Men’s League, and our Couples Mixers on Thursday nights.

Yesterday started the Men’s Invitational with their practice round. This is the rest of the week’s schedule regarding the Driving Range. The golf course will be closed all day Thursday. Friday, we will be hosting the horse race after their golf. We will have tee times available to play the back 9 only after 3pm.  Saturday, the golf course will be closed.


Driving Range hours this week:

Wednesday closes at 3pm – clean pick for Thursday morning mow. 

Thursday open till 2pm – closed 2-3:30pm for picking and then re-open

Friday opens after 11am – Men’s Invitational practice in morning/staff needs to clean pick so you have balls to use in afternoon.  

Saturday opens after 2:30pm – Men’s Invitational practice in morning/staff needs to clean pick so you have balls to use in afternoon.  


Our Twin lakes PGA Jr League teams are hosting a match here on the 9th, 16th, 23rd starting at 3pm. We will be hosting Auburn GC, Northshore, and Glen Acres. They will be using the front 9. For those wanting to play in the afternoon, we will work you into the back 9 after 4pm for tee times. 


For the men’s league participants, the Men’s President’s Cup matches start on June 10. The pod matches need to be completed by Aug 1. The winners of each pod will then advance to the final match play event to determine the overall winner which will be announced at the end of the year banquet along with the “Winward Cup” finals.


Our annual Battle of the Sexes will be played on June 23rd. We have increased the field size to 40 players.  20 men vs 20 women for the 2024 bragging rights.  Our women are our last year’s braggers. Frankie and Ramon will be drawing the pairings once again. We will keep you posted to the times/match schedule as we get closer to the battle date.


It’s time to open your calendars to participate in the Cross-Country Horse Race on the 26th starting on #10 at 5:30pm.  The sign-up sheet is posted on the golf shop window.  If you have time that evening to come watch, it is a fun event to watch the players play Hole 10 to the 11th green; Hole 12 to the 13th green; Hole 14; and then Hole 15 to the 16th green.  If you are interested in participating, call the golf shop and sign up.  This is a mixed event using the ABCD random draw to determine the pairings. 


Looking for some new apparel for the golf season?  The Golf Shop just got in the spring/summer line from LevelWear, PUMA, and Cutter & Buck.  We are still waiting on some more women’s apparel to go along with the Adidas shipment that just came in before the Women’s Invitational.


Sand/Seed bottles have been replenished in the golf carts, on #9 green and at the #1 tee.  A reminder that with the amount of play the golf course has and will be receiving, it is vital to keep up with sanding divots, raking bunkers and fixing ball marks. John Leslie and his staff worked extremely hard to get the course in great shape and mother nature has really helped us this spring.  So, I ask you all to help do your part to keep it going in the right direction.


Regarding booking tee times, with the golf course starting to get busier and busier we need to make sure that if you booked a tee time and are not going to play, please call us and get it cancelled.  This will give every member a fair and equal chance to enjoy our golf course. Also, please try to add all the names of players into your tee time online and/or when you call the golf shop to reserve. This will also ensure we have all your golf bags and push carts ready for you upon arrival.  


For now, enjoy the great weather that is supposed to come our way, spending time with your family and friends, and most of all enjoy swinging the golf club!

See you around the club!

Kathy, Ben, and the Golf Operations Staff


Our “Sandy” award this month goes to Eric Marshall.  Eric keeps us on our toes making sure that we have plenty of sand in the bottles and now going into summer that we have seed as well.  Thank you, Eric, for your past service to the club and your continued commitment/dedication to making sure that we continue to move forward with our improvements on the golf course.



Greens Committee

Greetings fellow Twin Lakes Members,  


John Leslie and his team are doing a tremendous job with the golf course.  It has been exciting to see the impact John has made in such a short time.  We have heard lots of positive feedback on the fast green speeds.  The greens are true, smooth, and quick.  As you probably have found out, staying below the hole has become essential.  


John and his team have been working to enhance the visibility and golf play in other areas of the course as well.  Have you seen the new wood tee box markers?  These are visibly a major upgrade to the plastic markers we had.  


The creek alongside hole 9 has been cleaned up of overgrown grass and now highlights the rocks and water.  Whether seeing the creek area from the restaurant, the patio, or while you walk up 9 fairway, this is now a much more enjoyable view at an important junction of the course.  


Rehab work has started on green side bunkers.  Lots of tan sand was found underneath layers of other sands.  Many of the bunkers on the front have been dug and mixed up and you should notice more consistent sand and better play out of the bunkers.  Additionally, many of the bunker facings have been weeded and raked down, which has really improved how they look. 


As always, please remember actions that you can take to assist our grounds crew:  fix pitch  marks and use sand to fill divots.  Do not drive golf carts over any repaired areas of the course and make sure to get back to the cart path 30 yards before the green.  Do not drive around the back side of any greens and you should never drive off the path on any par 3’s. These small actions add up in a big way.  Thank you for doing your part to assist in keeping our golf course in the best possible shape. 


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please email me at and I will review with the committee. 




Tyler Pac

Committee Chair

Women’s Division

May has come and gone in a flash. Our team played at Seattle Golf Club and Fairwood Golf and Country Club.  Captains Cup started on May 14th.  A great time was had by all at the Women’s Invitational May 24th and 25th.
May 7th the competition for the 18 Hole Ladies was Ace Day/Low Net. 

  • In the 1st flight Sharon Lorenzo was 1st, MiChong Kim was 2nd. And Megan DeFaccio was 3rd. 
  • In the 2nd Flight Kim Crahan was 1st, Diane Meyers was 2nd, and Minhee Chung was 3rd. 
  • In the 3rd Flight Gayla Dahl and Sue Stevens tied for 1st, and SeSook Sung was 3rd.  Ace of the month was Kim Crahan.  Way to go Kim!!

May 7th the competition for the 9 Hole Ladies was Low Net.

  • In Flight 1 Ilima B was 1st, Valerie G was 2nd, and Erika S was 3rd. 
  • In the 2nd Flight Anne G was 1st, Dominique M was 2nd, and Nori N was 3rd.

May 14th the competition for the 9 Hole Ladies was Best 3. 

  • In the 1st Flight Kelly B was 1st, and Kim C, Suzy E, and Maribel H tied for 2nd. 
  • In the 2nd Flight Linda E was 1st, Karey W was 2nd, and Dominique M was 3rd.

May 21st the competition for the 18 Hole Ladies was Middle 9. 

  • Only 2 ladies played so Janet Sage was 1st, and MiChong Kim was 2nd.

May 21st the competition for the 9 Hole Ladies was a Gross and Net score divided by 2. 

  • Only 3 ladies went out to play.  Kim C was 1st, Erika S was 2nd and Dominique M was 3rd.

May 28th the competition for the 18 Hole Ladies was Step Aside. 

  • The Team of Megan DeFacio, Kim Crahan, Diane Meyers, Teri Stewart was 1st. 
  • The Team of Hisayo Masada, Sung Chang, Gayla Dahl, and Sue Stevens was 2nd. 
  • The Team of InSook Woo, Minhee Chung, Sally Irvine, and Kathy Ouellet were 3rd.

The Low Net of the Month was Kim Crahan with a net 74.  Congrats Kim!!
May 28th the competition for the 9 Hole Ladies was Step Aside. 

  • The team of Kelley B, Teri J, Nori N, and Donna L were 1st. 
  • The team of Cherie H Dominique M, Diana R, and Lauren S were 2nd.

In June President’s Cup starts June 18th.  The city Championship is June 11, 12, and 13th, Team will be playing at the Plateau and Glen Acres.

Left to right Low Net winners: Linda Pillow, Stephanie Papke, Low Gross Winners: Di Chow, Karen Johnson
Kathy announcing the awards
2nd Flight Gross
2nd Flight Net
3rd Flight gross
3rd Flight Net
Ladies Horse Race: 1st Place Cindy, Denise, Annette
Ladies Horse Race: 2nd place Karey, Judy, Val
Ladies Horse Race: 3rd place Sharon, Kim, Diane

2024 Twin Lakes Women’s Invitational

Another successful Women’s Invitational is in the books. Congratulations to our overall Low Gross winning team, Karen Johnson (The Home Course) and Di Chow (Riverbend), and to our overall Low Net winning team, Stephanie Papke (Twin Lakes) and Linda Pillo. Congratulations also to the many flight winners and to the winners of the cross country Horserace, Annette Seydel, Cindy Garrison and Denise Harrell.


Our Invitational Committee, Frankie Stephens, Sally Irvine and Denise Harrell would like to extend a big thank you to our many volunteers who helped make this event a huge success. From helping with snacks, decorations, flowers, parimutuel, 3rd green attendants and much more our volunteers really stepped up. Thank you also to our Club Manager Tom Coburn, Head Chef Juan Ibarra, Head pro Kathy Wake, Greens Superintendent John Leslie and their amazing staff for all of their hard work and for helping us show why Twin Lakes is such a special club. Looking forward to next year!


Your Social Committee is busy planning events for the second half of the year!  


Next up is our annual Food Truck Extravaganza – open to all!  This will be held Monday, July 15th between the Pro Shop and Clubhouse.  Invite your family and friends for this evening of food and fun.


The End of Summer Bash will be August 16th and feature live music from Soul Funktion.  We’ll have raffle prizes and a KP contest. 


Save these dates and watch for more details in your email.



House Committee

Meeting:  Second Thursday - 5:30pm

  • Terri LaRock-Stewart (Chair)
  • Jill McBroom
  • Sue Stevens
  • Coralee Owsley
  • Kim Crahan
  • Lori DeVore
  • Ann Marie Uhlman
  • Kathy Reed
  • Diana Rawlings
  • Bill Borjeson
  • Issac Cano (Board Liaison)

Golf Committee

Meeting:  When Needed

  • Frankie Stephens (Chair)
  • Jennifer Dzubay (Women’s Division Captain)
  • Jeff Eberle (Men’s and Senior’s Golf)
  • Leila Carlson (Jr. Golf)
  • Ilima Brainard (Women’s Nine Hole Golf)
  • Ramon Dzubay (Couple’s Golf)
  • Rich Price (Men’s Handicap)
  • Denise Harrell (Women’s Handicap)
  • Rich Price (Board Liaison)
  • Kathy Wake (Staff)

Finance Committee

Meeting: Third Wednesday - 5:30pm

  • Randy Russell (Chair)
  • Erika Sheffield-Stull
  • Robert Simmons
  • Tim Scheuffele
  • Christina Witmer
  • Dan Smith (Board Liaison)
  • Alexis Parrish (Staff)

Long Range Committee

Meeting:  Every Other Month

  • Paul Ishii (Chair)
  • Tom Brainard
  • Suzy Eberle
  • Clint Smith
  • Terri LaRock-Stewart
  • Erika Sheffield-Stull
  • Kevin Isherwood (Board Liaison)
  • Tom Coburn (Staff)

Membership/Marketing Committee

Meeting: Third Thursday

  • Suzy Eberle (Chair)
  • Sherry Butz
  • Brandon McCann
  • Andrew Johnson
  • Jeff Wall
  • Beccy Scheuffele
  • Kevin O'Conner
  • Tim Scheuffele (Board Liaison)
  • Janel Metcalf (Staff)

Social Committee

Meeting: Second Wednesday - 6:00 pm

  • Alyssa Rieker (Chair)
  • Jennifer Tarica
  • Suzy Eberle
  • Debbie Garrido
  • Michelle McCann
  • Krisie Santacruz
  • Marlies Scott-Wenzel
  • Erika Sheffield-Stull (Board Liaison)

Greens Committee

Meeting: Third Tuesday—6:00 pm

  • Tyler Pac (Chair)
  • Bryce Landrud
  • Marv Osterhout
  • Karey Wolber
  • Matt Howland
  • Sara Isherwood
  • Stephen Sealey
  • Jeff Eberle (Board Liaison)
  • John Leslie (Staff)
  • Kathy Wake (Staff)
  • Tom Coburn (Staff)

Pool Committee

Meeting: Wednesday - 6:00 pm

  • Michael Gintz (Chair)
  • Andrew Johnson
  • Trace Harrell  (Board Liaison)

Twin Lakes Vision Statement 

To help promote the game of golf by offering a challenging and beautiful course and other complementary facilities that are affordable, inclusive, and inviting. Provide a thriving comprehensive recreational and social venue offering its members, guests, and community partners exceptional experiences to play, relax and socialize in a tranquil and peaceful environment.