Sandblaster November 2023

From our Club President

Erika Sheffield-Stull

President, Twin Lakes Board of Trustees

Dear Twin Lakes Members,


It’s hard to believe there are only two months left in 2023. To me, November is a month to reflect and give thanks. It has been an honor to serve as Club President this year and I’m grateful the Board trusted me to take on this position. As I look back at some of the remarkable accomplishments of the Board of Trustees, volunteers and staff in 2023, I have tremendous gratitude.


This summer was an exceptional challenge for the Pool and Greens Subcommittees – attempting to pass the first assessment after nearly 15 years and doing so with overwhelming support. When it came time to replace our GM, we established a search committee in short order with a group of determined and excited search committee members whose hard work led to us hiring a terrific new GM after 4 weeks. Now there are 7 qualified candidates running for the Board of Trustees. I am so pleased to see the number of members who want volunteer their time to continue to improve Twin Lakes. The club will have strong leaders guiding it into the future with any of the Board candidates. I have optimism for the future of Twin Lakes no matter the outcome.


I’ve said it before, but I am so grateful for our group of talented and dedicated volunteers who selflessly (and often thanklessly) give their time and money to make sure that our member experience is a great one. I can’t thank you all enough and I’d give you all awards if I could.


I also want to acknowledge our staff, who really have stepped up their game since we hired Tom Coburn. Your efforts have been noticed and I have sincere gratitude for your commitment to service and professionalism with our members.

We are always looking for new volunteers, so if you’re interested in joining a committee, just reach out to me or any Board of Trustees member. We’ll be glad to point you in the right direction.


November also signals Board elections – Proprietary Members, please take the time to vote for the 2024 incoming Board members, these folks will lead this club as we grow and look toward the future. I hope you can come to our Annual Meeting and hear what volunteers and staff have accomplished in 2023 and our outlook for 2024 and beyond.


There have been some tremendous golf and social events in October, and November will be no exception, with the start of the Winter Tour, Ladies Day, Turkey Trot and Gingerbread Decorating. December will also be packed, so don’t despair with the rain and gloom! Come out to the club, make some new friends, spend time with old friends and enjoy the benefits of club membership.


With Gratitude,

Erika Sheffield-Stull, Board President

Pool and irrigation project

Each month, we look forward to providing members with an update on the progress of our Pool Renovation and Irrigation Project.


Approximate Schedule of Pool Renovations:

Approx. Date




Down Payment 10%

$45,769.54 (10%)


Demo Completed 20%

$91,539.07 (20%)


Shotcrete Completed

$45,769.54 (10%)


Coping, Tile, Equipment

$91,539.07 (20%)


Deck Pour

$91,539.07 (20%)



$45,769.55 (10%)



$45,769.55 (10%)


Pump Project:

A down payment of $120,000 has been made to McDonald & Sons for the Pump Project. Work will be starting on holes 3 and 9 soon and may disrupt play. Thank you for your patience as we get this critical piece of golf course maintenance completed.

2023 Board Members

Erika Sheffield-Stull


Denise Harrell


Issac Henry-Cano


Bryce Landrud

Vice President

Dan Smith


Tim Scheuffele


Trace Harrell


Rich Price


Jeff Eberle


Welcome New Members!



David & Victoria Alsabery


Individual Proprietary:

Linda Letney

From our General Manager



The pool project is underway!  We have submitted the initial payment which starts the engineering and permitting stage.  Stay tuned for more updates.  We have also made the initial payment on the new irrigation pumps.  This project will also require some time up front where work is being done elsewhere.  We will see actual digging and pipe being laid in the coming weeks, and you will be updated on this project as well.


I am proud to say, no matter what else I accomplish at Twin Lakes, I will forever hold the title Ryder Cup Captain of the best Ryder Cup team ever assembled at Twin Lakes G&CC.  Congratulations to our winning team members:

      Larry Wolf

      Kent Swartzenberger

      Chong and Nick Sena

      Billie Borjeson

      Dan Smith

      Roger Peters

      Trace Harrell

      Jeff Eberle

      Sue and Norm Hebert

      Ryan Hoover


Twin Lakes is offering pre-ordered Thanksgiving meals for purchase.  This is a wonderful service for members hosting a small group or maybe just a special dinner for two.  Let Chef Juan prepare a delicious, traditional Thanksgiving meal for you to take home.  He has included all of the reheat instructions to take the guesswork out of the day of preparation.  Call the club for more details, and place your order prior to November 15th. 


I am so pleased to see how many members we have running for Board seats.  There was a large turnout for the Meet the Candidate’s Night.  It is a very impressive slate of candidates.  The evening gave everyone in attendance the chance to speak personally with each candidate for at least 15 minutes.  It is one of the best formats I have ever seen for members to educate themselves on the issues and learn more about their fellow members running for office.  


I encourage everyone who is able to get involved in the club!  Whether it be on the Board, committee, or an event, there is room for everyone.  As we transition to the new year, there will be many openings on committees.  Reach out to the committee chair or let me know if you are interested in serving and I will connect you with the committee chair.  There is a tremendous amount of knowledge and talent within our membership, and I am anxious to tap into this vast resource for the betterment of the club.


Scaryoke was definitely an event to remember!  It is also an event that is hard to describe if you have never experienced it before.  The picture evidence speaks for itself.  If you missed this uniquely fun event, there will be many more opportunities to experience the club and socialize with your friends and neighbors.  I have enjoyed learning about the Federal Way community and look forward to more events with you all.  Whether it is the Symphony or the general business center, this community has far more to offer than I ever anticipated. 


Elizabeth and I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!  We are so thankful to be close to our family and happy to be part of the Twin Lakes community.  


We want to celebrate you each month in the Sandblaster! Email your name and birth month, or your Anniversary month to Janel!

November Birthdays  &


  • Colleen Gilligan

From our Head Golf Professional



Wow…  what a change to the weather in the overnight hours….. 


It has been a pleasure to see members and their guests this past week come out between the raindrops and weather forecasts for a round of golf as well as afternoon practice time.  Against all odds, once again we were able to squeak in the inaugural Twin Lakes Ryder Cup in between the predicted weather.  And an absolute hit it was!  We had our 36 members which were broken into three teams (Team Coburn, Team Wake, and Team Bergner). Team Coburn won the Twin Lakes Ryder Cup with 17 points in a tight contest over Team Bergner with 16.5 points.  Team Coburn was in the lead with 7.5 points after Round 1 (Front Nine Best Ball, Back Nine Chapman) and never looked back.  As always…  The event came down to the Singles Matches as Team Coburn held their ground to take the 2023 cup by ½ point. Congratulations to Norm Hebert, Sue Hebert, Dan Smith, Larry Wolf, Jeff Eberle, Kent Schwartzenberger, Roger Peters, Billy Borjeson, Chong Sena, Nick Sena, Ryan Hoover, and Trace Harrell for a job well done!


We want to extend a “thank you” to the membership for their patience in the afternoons this past year with the range availability as we were able to keep up with the range ball inventory by closing the range mid-day for handpicking the hard-to-reach areas.  This closure of the range in the early afternoon to pick balls this past year helped keep up with the demand.  As we enter the wetter months with the range, having to still pick by hand, we would like to remind everyone to call ahead to make sure that the range is open so that you are not disappointed upon arrival.  We are going to wait until we absolutely have to pick to close the range in the afternoon.  With that said, we would like to ask those members that have our buckets (with or without range balls in them) to kindly return them to the golf shop so that other members may make use of them. 


Regarding the temperature, it is changing fast, and the early morning golfers can attest to it becoming little chillier each day.  We still have some thermo/warm gear from Footjoy and Adidas, as well as Mizuno rain/weather gloves that will help keep you warm during these upcoming months.   


We lost our daylight on Sunday as we turned back our clocks an hour.  The sun is now setting around 4:40 and dark by 5:30. Please note that the pro shop will start closing around 5:00pm so if you plan on leaving town for golf and need your clubs from storage please plan appropriately.


Reminder to mark your calendar for the Winter Tour Series events.  As in the past, we will have four Winter Tour events during the months of November-February.  One event is planned each month on the second Saturday of the month with the first one on November 11th.  Along with the team event, we will also have an individual game with a Canadian Skins game.  The cost for members is $35 and guests pay $60 which includes breakfast, golf, and competition.  We have a sign-up sheet in the golf shop, as well as a golf genius notification that went out last month.  For those of you that want to wait until you get up that morning, make sure to get here in time for breakfast (7:30am) and ready to tee off (9am).  We encourage all members to participate and bring out their friends/guests.


Inactive Score Posting Season begins in Washington Golf territory on November 14th.  As we approach our Inactive Score Posting Season, we would like to pass along important information regarding the posting of scores:  If you play golf during our Inactive Score Posting Season in an area where scores are still being accepted for handicap purposes, you must post those scores as soon as practicable.  Your handicap will continue to be revised daily when you post an eligible score, even during the off-season. 


WA Golf membership runs through a calendar year, from January 1st through December 31st.  For those members that host their GHIN Membership with us, you will see your 2024 fee on the Dec 1 statement.  For those of you that want to add/transfer your GHIN number to Twin Lakes, please contact me at and your information will be added into the system in January. 

Lastly, I cannot believe this, but the Pro Shop Christmas Sale is not too far away.  Mark your calendar for December 2nd.  We hope to see many of you at the club on this night.  Stay tuned on what items will be on sale and what type of discounts you can receive!  We will be having appetizers and beverages available for those of you who attend. 

Greens Committee

There have been a lot of transformations to the Greens Committee, and it continues to adapt, change, and grow. We want to thank Taylor Rucking for his dedication, time, and contribution to this important committee. Soon he and his family will be relocating out of the area and we which them the best.


This month’s Sandie award goes to Chong Sena for her continued effort to keep the fairways sanded. Thank you.


With the wet conditions here to stay awhile, we have gone to cart path only for the power carts. We will continue to post our scores until November 15th then we stop posting until March 1, 2024. If you are fortunate enough to travel south, you will need to post those scores.


The latest update on the tree program is that the three stumps that were left between hole #6 and #7 have been grounded out. We will continue the tree program as planned.


Lastly, to remind everyone that the Annual Membership Meeting will be November 15th, at 6:00 PM in the ballroom. I am looking forward to seeing you.


Thank you,

Jeff Eberle

Women’s Division

  18 Hole Ladies Division and 9 Hole Ladies Division     The Golf Season is officially over.  The 9 Hole Ladies ended their season on September 30th and the 18 Hole Ladies ended their season on October 31st.

Competition for October 3rd was Low Net.

In the 1st Flight Hisayo Masude. Sharon Lorenzo and Sung Chang all tied for 1st. 

In the 2nd Flight Minhee Chung was 1st, Kim Crahan was 2nd, and MiChong Kim was 3rd.

In the 3rd Flight Tami Greene was 1st, Diane Meyers was 2nd, and Jen Glasgow, Sonya Sung, Janet Sage tied for 3rd. 


Competition for Tuesday October 10th was Hate’em and the Ace of Aces played for ACE of Aces. 

Competition for Hate’em winners were Hisayo Masada and Janet Sage tied for 1st and MiChong Kim was 3rd.      

Competition for October 17th was Blind Nine. 

In the 1st Flight Sharon Lorenzo was 1st, Stephanie Papke was 2nd, and MiChong Kim was 3rd. 

In the 2nd Flight Joomi Shou was 1st, Sue Sohn was 2nd and Hui Suk So was 3rd. 

In the 3rd Flight Sonya Sung was 1st, Kathy Ouellet was 2nd and Tami Greene


Competition for October 24th was O.N.E.S. 

In the 1st Flight Hisayo Masada was 1st, and Sue Sohn and MiChong Kim tied for 2nd.

In the 2nd Flight Denise Harrell was 1st, Diane Meyers was 2nd, and Sally Irvine Kathy Ouellet Sue Hebert tied for 3rd.     

Competition for October 31st was Sweet 16 Captain’s Choice. 

In the 1st Flight Frankie Stephens was 1st, and Sharon Lorenzo and Sue Sohn tied for 2nd. 

In the 2nd Flight Chong Sena was 1st, Denise Harrell was 2nd, and Sherry Butz was 3rd.    

The ACE of Aces winner was Sharon Lorenzo,  Way to go Sharon!!  The Low Net of the month was a tie between Joomi Shou and Sharon Lorenzo with net 71’s.     

Awards Banquet is December 5th.  Don’t forget to bring an unwrapped toy and food donation


Diane Meyers and Sherry Butz played 2 matches
Jill McBroom and Jen Dzubay played 3 matches


Thank you to all who came out and joined us for Scaryoke. The lounge was packed full of eager singers and a wide array of costumes. There were over 29 people who participated in the costume contest. We thank you all for your continued support at these events and hope you all had the best time. See below for winners of the costume contest!

Best Male Costume – Eric Maple

Best Female Costume – Erika Sheffield

Best Couple Costume – Tom and Susan Brunner

Scariest Costume – Randy Russell

Today was the Annual Ladies Day shopping event at Twin Lakes. We had 18 vendors and over 90 members and their guests show up for shopping, breakfast, mimosas, and a good time. We handed out 18 raffle prizes from the vendors themselves, as well as a 50/50 raffle with Diana Rawlings taking home the money. We hope all you ladies had a fantastic time at our Winter Wonderland and we look forward to hosting you all again next year.

Next up is the Twin Lakes Turkey Trot. This 2.7 mile ‘trot’ takes you along the cart path on the front 9 and is guaranteed to get you ready to eat a Thanksgiving Feast later in the day. This is open to all ages, and we welcome your guests and pets! The race starts at 9am in front of the clubhouse. There will be hot chocolate and snacks for you once the race is completed. Shirts are available for purchase, with both Adult ($17) and Kid ($12) sizes available. Don’t forget a Bandanna for your doggies as well, only $8! Shirt orders are due Friday, November 10th. Email SUZYEB@ICLOUD.COM with shirt orders and questions.

Get your sweet tooth ready for the Twin Lakes Gingerbread House competition. If you would like to participate, either stop by the office or email  Finished houses will be due back to the club the week after Thanksgiving, with voting taking place after that. The categories we vote on are people’s choice, most festive, and most original. Additional details will be provided to you when you pick up the gingerbread house kit.

The Ugly Sweater party will take place on December 8th in the lounge. Dress in your most festive, ugly, questionable sweater and enjoy a jolly night with friends. The categories for the contest will be best male, best female, and best team/couple. We hope to see you all there in your holiday finest!

We have a lot of events coming up, so please let someone on the Social Committee know if you have any questions. If you would like to join the Social Committee and help throw these events, please reach out to Chris Witmer and she will get you connected.


Ladies Day 2023

October Paint Night at Twin Lakes!


House Committee

Meeting:  Second Thursday - 5:30pm

  • Terri LaRock-Stewart (Chair)
  • Jill McBroom
  • Sue Stevens
  • Beccy Scheuffele
  • Coralee Owsley
  • Kim Crahan
  • Lori DeVore
  • Ann Marie Uhlman
  • Issac Cano (Board Liaison)

Golf Committee

Meeting:  When Needed

  • Frankie Stephens (Chair)
  • Sherry Butz (Women’s Division Captain)
  • Jeff Eberle (Men’s and Senior’s Golf)
  • Diane Meyers (Jr. Golf)
  • Ilima Brainard (Women’s Nine Hole Golf)
  • Ramon Dzubay (Couple’s Golf)
  • Rich Price (Men’s Handicap)
  • Erika Sheffield-Stull (Women’s Handicap)
  • Rich Price (Board Liaison)
  • Kathy Wake (Staff)

Finance Committee

Meeting: Third Wednesday - 5:30pm

  • Randy Russell (Chair)
  • Erika Sheffield-Stull
  • Robert Simmons
  • Tim Scheuffele
  • Christina Witmer
  • Dan Smith (Board Liaison)
  • Alexis Parrish (Staff)

Long Range Committee

Meeting:  Every Other Month

  • Paul Ishii (Chair)
  • Tom Brainard
  • Suzy Eberle
  • Robert Simmons
  • Clint Smith
  • Terri LaRock-Stewart
  • Sherry Butz
  • Bryce Landrud (Board Liaison)

Membership/Marketing Committee

Meeting: Third Thursday

  • Suzy Eberle (Chair)
  • Sherry Butz
  • Brandon McCann
  • Andrew Johnson
  • Jeff Wall
  • Kevin O'Conner
  • Denise Harrell (Board Liaison)
  • Janel Metcalf (Staff)

Social Committee

Meeting: Second Wednesday - 6:00 pm

  • Christina Witmer  (Chair)
  • Jennifer Tarica
  • Suzy Eberle
  • Alyssa Johnson
  • Michelle McCann
  • Krisie Santacruz
  • Marlies Scott-Wenzel
  • Tim Scheuffele (Board Liaison)

Greens Committee

Meeting: Third Tuesday—6:00 pm

  • Tyler Pac (Chair)
  • Bryce Landrud
  • Marv Osterhout
  • Karey Wolber
  • Matt Howland
  • Sara Isherwood
  • Stephen Sealey
  • Jeff Eberle (Board Liaison)
  • Dave Milligan (Staff)
  • Kathy Wake (Staff)
  • Tom Coburn (Staff)

Pool Committee

Meeting: Wednesday - 6:00 pm

  • Michael Gintz (Chair)
  • Andrew Johnson
  • Trace Harrell  (Board Liaison)

Twin Lakes Vision Statement 

To help promote the game of golf by offering a challenging and beautiful course and other complementary facilities that are affordable, inclusive, and inviting. Provide a thriving comprehensive recreational and social venue offering its members, guests, and community partners exceptional experiences to play, relax and socialize in a tranquil and peaceful environment.